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Rosacea is a common condition of facial skin characterized by flushing or redness with or without pimples, most commonly on the central face. People with rosacea tend to have sensitive skin, which often stings, tingles or burns, especially on exposure to certain chemicals or products. Over time, the repetitive flushing and blushing gives rise to telangiectases, which are visible blood vessels that are often most prominent on the nose and cheeks. Other symptoms that may be associated include irritation of the eyes and in more severe cases, more prominent and disfiguring sebaceous quality of the nose and/or chin. While symptoms of pimples can often be lessened with topical and oral prescription medications, the redness and blood vessels can be equally problematic to the rosacea patient. A number of lasers effectively target the hyperactive blood vessels and can diminish the redness, blood vessels and flushing response.

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