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Unwanted Hair

Excess or unwanted hair is a common cosmetic concern. Sometimes, excess hair can be a result of an underlying endocrine abnormality, a medication or disease. More commonly, it is the result of genetics. Laser hair removal is one of the most commonly performed cosmetic procedures and can be safely and effectively performed on most body parts.

Permanent damage to the hair follicle is achieved when a pigmented hair beneath the skin’s surface absorbs laser energy. For this reason, ideal candidates are those individuals with coarse, darkly pigmented hairs on a background of lighter skin. That said, laser hair removal can be safely achieved with the proper device and proper settings on individuals with all skin types.
On any given day, only a portion (about 20%) of the hairs within a given treatment area will be actively growing and thus susceptible to permanent damage. Therefore, multiple treatments are necessary to achieve the desired effect. The ideal interval between successive treatments is 4-12 weeks (depending on the treatment area).
A thorough understanding of laser-tissue interactions is essential to achieve optimal results safely and efficiently.

All Co-pay and deductibles are to be collected at the time of service.