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Wrinkles & Aging

Fine lines and wrinkles are the result of intrinsic (i.e. genetics, aging) and extrinsic (i.e. ultraviolet exposure, smoking) factors. A comprehensive approach to skin care will help to reduce existing wrinkles and prevent additional ones. Dr. Saini will help you to optimize your at-home regimen, which should include effective over-the-counter topicals and oftentimes prescription medications, as well as a broad spectrum sunscreen which should be worn no matter the weather or time of year.
Botulinum toxin injections relax facial muscles whose repetitive action leads to both active wrinkles and overtime static or more permanent wrinkles. Filler injections can help to re-volumize the face and stimulate new collagen deposition to help diminish the appearance of both superficial and deep wrinkles.
Laser and light sources can also diminish wrinkles and textural irregularities by stimulating your body to produce new collagen. Dr. Saini is a believer in the benefits of “fractional” resurfacing lasers, which deliver energy to a portion of the skin’s surface, while leaving some of the skin unharmed, allowing for lesser wounding and quicker healing.

All Co-pay and deductibles are to be collected at the time of service.