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4 Adverse Effects from aLack of Sleep

In today’s world, we are surrounded by some of the most amazing pieces of technology ever invented – from smart TV’s and watches that talk back to us, to having the power of a super computer in the palm of our hands. Despite all these amazing innovations, technology has yet to rival the genius and ingenuity of the human body. For better or worse, our body is a genius device, from our ability to reason and think freely, to our growth, development, and the processes that keep us alive. And in order to keep our bodies functioning at their peak performance, we rely on a number of different things – from food to give us energy, vitamins and minerals to keep our health up, and just as importantly, sleep to restore and replenish. Despite being a necessity, most of us simply aren’t getting enough sleep – according to the Sleep Foundation, over 70 million Americans are currently suffering from some type of sleep disorder, whether it be insomnia, sleep apnea, and other issues preventing them from getting their 7-9 hours they need. Many of us are constantly depriving ourselves of sleep on almost a nightly basis, essentially in a perpetual game of catch-up. Without the proper sleep, there are a number of issues that can arise – like weight gain, lack of focus or concentration, additional stress, and cosmetic skincare issues. According to Dr. Ritu Saini, considered the best dermatologist East Village patients trust for their skincare needs, sleep is one of the most important facets of healthy, youthful skin. And most importantly, a lack of sleep can actually cause severe, almost irreparable damage to our skin. To help you better understand the benefits of sleep, here are a few cosmetic issues that can arise from a lack of sleep.

· Premature Aging

Sure, the occasional all-nighter to meet a big deadline isn’t too bad, but when it gets to be far more than occasional is when the issues will arise. Considered the best dermatologist East Village physician Dr. Ritu Saini specialized in anti-aging remedies and treatment. One of the biggest tips she gives her patients is to get adequate amounts of sleep. Without sleep the aging process becomes accelerated and the skin is unable to combat the effects of daily life and replenish its lost vibrance. Women who lack sleep are especially susceptible, as they can suffer a number of different skin issues – from wrinkles, to enlarged pores and a whole lot more. Sleep is the only way for an individual to maintain their youthful glowing skin.

· Hair Growth Issues

This is especially prevalent in men, but one of the biggest issues with a lack of sleep is hormonal issues and fluctuations. When looking for the best dermatologist East Village patients must consider more than just skincare, as hair health is a vital aspect of dermatology care. at NY Medical Skin Solutions, Dr. Saini treats both men and women for hair related disorders and hair loss. And while treatments are always available, one of the best pieces of advice she gives to men or women losing hair, is to get more sleep. Lack of sleep mimics the bodies response to stress, which is a huge determinant to non-permanent hair loss. The good thing is that it is reversible, but you need to act fast!

· Acne Breakouts

Sure acne tends to dissipate as we enter our 20’s and 30’s (for most people!), but there are a number of key triggers in our later years that can often cause those nasty breakouts to rear their little heads – stress and anxiety being two of the biggest. Lack of sleep has a tendency to mimic the same physiological response within the body as both stress and anxiety, often causing breakouts to occur. The worst part is that without sleep, its hard for the skin to be restored over time.

· Weak, Brittle Nails

As the best dermatologist East Village physician Dr. Ritu Saini specializes in the treatment of the skin, hair, as well as the nails. One of the worst and least known effects of lack of sleep is that it breaks down the tissue within the inner nail matrix and can even result in abnormal nail growth. Our hair and nails grow as we sleep, but due to disruptions in sleep patterns our nails will lose their healthy inner fibers and stop growing. This means they will get weaker and more brittle, in some cases even falling off completely.

Sleep is a vital aspect of human life, and something we should never take for granted. One of the simplest things you can do for your overall health and wellness is to get a good night’s sleep. For more information on skincare or to schedule a consultation, contact Dr. Ritu Saini today.

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