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Essential Oils for Rosacea Treatment

Rosacea is one of the most common skincare issues suffered by adults across the US. Often mistaken for acne, rosacea is characterized by prominent facial redness, in addition to the presence of swollen, red bumps and visible blood vessels across the face. Because it often entails, pus-filled bumps which are quite similar to pimples it has close ties to acne – and therefore individuals often assume the two conditions require similar treatment methods. However, despite the similarities, there is no actual cure for rosacea and generally treatment can only manage the situation. According to Dr. Ritu Saini, often considered the best dermatologist Midtown Manhattan has to offer, while there may not be a cure, using a variety of different treatments in conjunction with certain natural oils and compounds, we are able to drastically improve a patient’s appearance and work to keep the condition at bay. Essential oils are a group of natural plant oils, extracted from all types of natural plant sources. These amazing oils are used in a variety of different skincare serums and can help alleviate a variety of different skincare conditions. Considered to be the best dermatologist Midtown Manhattan has in practice, Dr. Saini often recommends her patients try using essential oils as a natural means of improving their skin, as each essential oil has its own unique set of benefits – many of which are perfectly suited to soothing the symptoms associated with rosacea. Learn more about this amazing treatment method below.

Rosacea generally presents itself as moderate to severe facial redness, in conjunction with very visible blood vessels and inflammatory bumps along different areas of the face – particularly the cheeks, forehead, chin, and even the nose area. While rosacea can affect a wide variety of individuals, it is particularly common in middle-aged women, from the age of 30 to 50, with fairer skin tones. Because rosacea is essentially a condition that is characterized by inflammation, essential oils can make a huge difference. There’s two ways to incorporate essential oils into your skincare routine. The first would be to purchase products with essential oils infused into them – while these products can definitely help as a rosacea treatment, it is important to read labels and ensure that there is a decent concentration of the actual essential oils in the product. Many, lower-quality products will often advertise infused essential oils, yet they will only use a small concentration. The second method would be to purchase the actual, raw essential oils and either spread those onto your face or create a facial mask, or serum of your own. This is generally preferred as it allows you to have more control – but as long as you can use quality products infused with essential oils, in proper concentrations you might find the first method easier.

As the best dermatologist Midtown Manhattan has in practice, Dr. Saini believes a few different essential oils can actually help quail your rosacea. These include:

· Tee Tree Oil – One of the best skincare essential oils, and likely the most popular. Tea tree oil is the go-to treatment for acne-prone skin and inflammatory issues such as rosacea. Known to sooth redness, bumps, and blemishes.

· Rosehip Oil – Often, a product of rosacea, is dry, flaky skin craving additional moisture. Rosehip oil can help to hydrate the skin, and promote the regeneration of fresh, healthy skin cells to slowly improve skin texture over time.

· Rosemary Oil – Rosemary oil is a lesser-known essential oil, but it is highly effective at healing harsh, red, inflamed skin.

· Evening Primrose Oil – Primrose is rich in gamma-linolenic acid – a fatty acid found in vegetable oils, that is known to sooth the skin and act as an anti-inflammatory agent.

· Lavender Oil – Often used to help relax and get us to sleep, this oil also has amazing anti-inflammatory properties and antiseptic action.

· Cypress Oil – Rosacea often causes puffiness and swelling – cypress oil can be an important key to reducing these types of symptoms.

One thing to understand is that while essential oils are highly beneficial for the skin, they are not to be overused. Overuse of most essential oils can result in a variety of symptoms from flaking, peeling skin and dryness, to clogged pores and excess dirt or debris. As the best dermatologist Midtown Manhattan patents trust for skincare conditions such as rosacea, Dr. Saini also recommends using these oils in conjunction to certain skincare treatments or procedure. For more information on rosacea treatment, be sure to contact NY Medical Skincare Solutions today.

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