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What Does Your Acne Says About Your Overall Health?

Acne is by far one of the most prevalent skincare conditions across the US. While acne is thought to be a problem for our teenage years, in truth acne breakouts can strike at any time, and according to recent studies, approximately 50% of all adults in the US are currently dealing with some form of acne. Acne issues are caused by a number of different issues and there are a number of different triggers that can cause breakouts no matter what your age. According to Midtown’s Dr. Ritu Saini, the top dermatologist 10016 has in practice, acne breakouts are caused by a variety of different issues – many of which are far more than just the common surface issues. In many instances, the appearance of the skin and the specifics of your acne breakouts can actually be a window into your inner health and overall wellness. To better help you understand how exactly your acne could be a sign of further health complications, here are some interesting facts to know.

In certain types of alternative medicine, they teach that there are specific zone of the face and body, where, due to certain health complications, the skin will appear to be blemished and issues like acne will present. According to Midtown’s Dr. Ritu Saini, the top dermatologist 10016 has to offer, these specific zones of the face, have inner, physiological links to certain organs and bodily processes. So, when these inner organs suffer a loss in their function or become damaged, acne might develop. Here’s what acne developing in these certain areas might mean for your inner health.

· The Nose

Often, swelling, redness, or breakouts at the tip of the nose can often point towards liver damage or toxicity and damage to the spleen. Those suffering from alcohol issues, that has damaged their liver will breakout on the nose. In order to treat such issues, you may want to change to a diet rich in omega-3 fatty acids, to improve the liver enzymes and build back your immune health. It is also important to limit your alcohol intake.

· The Cheeks

Similar to the nose, the cheeks an also point towards damage to the liver. This can be a byproduct of alcohol toxicity and poor diet leading to liver damage. In addition to the liver, acne along the cheeks will often mean lung damage and respiratory dysfunction due to poor air quality or toxicity in the air. This can be due to high pollution levels in the air or airborne toxicity issues.

· The Forehead

During her time as a dermatologist 10016 physician Ritu Saini has found a number of different skincare issues linking the stomach and digestive system to the blemishes on the forehead. Due to high fat intake, digestive stress and dietary stomach issues, the body will begin to leave blemishes along the forehead. It is important to reduce the consumption of fatty foods and take on a consistent diet and exercise plan.

· The Jawline and Upper Neck

This area is often indicative of digestive dysfunction, sugar issues and hormonal fluctuations. In many instances, those who consume sugary foods in excess will develop an insulin resistance that can lead to hormonal fluctuations. When your hormones begin to go up and down, acne will develop along the jawline. It is important to reduce your sugar intake and the intake of simple carbs – instead try complex carbs like whole wheat bread and sweet potatoes to help regulate your blood sugar and clear your skin.

· The Chin

Acne along the chin can often point to dehydration and kidney failure. When the body experiences dehydration, it can result in kidney damage, and as your kidneys begin to fail, breakouts can occur directly along the chin. It is important to keep hydrated and eat a healthy diet.

Acne is a common issue and with so many contributory factors, it is vital to seek treatment right away and simply live an overall healthy lifestyle – including diet and exercise. For more information on acne issues or to schedule a consultation, contact NY Medical Skin Solutions today.

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