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4 Tips to Prepare for Your Acne Appointment

Acne issues are some of the most common skincare issues amongst both men and women across the US, as well as the world. While acne is often considered to be most common amongst teens and young adults, in reality a large percentage of adults suffer from acne issues as well. Suffering from acne can be debilitating both physically and for your ownself-confidence, and patients suffering from severe acne issues should seek treatment as soon as possible – as the sooner you treat your acne, the less likely it is to worsen. At Manhattan dermatology practice, NY Medical Skin Solutions, Manhattan dermatologist Dr. Ritu Saini, is an expert in the treatment at all types of acne issues and can offer patients suffering from a variety of acne issues treatment. In the borough of Manhattan dermatology patients have a number of different options when seeking out treatment, and there are a number of different steps to getting the most out of each and every acne skincare appointment. These specific steps from Manhattan dermatologist Dr. Ritu Saini will help you to feel more confident about your skincare treatment plan and ensure that you get the level of results that you want. Before your next acne treatment appointment, use these 4 tips to help you get the most out of your skincare.

· Write Down Any Questions You Might Have

At Manhattan dermatology practice NY Medical Skin Solutions, many patients, especially those who are awaiting a first-time appointment, are told to write down any question they might have before their appointment. This is a very helpful thing to do. Before you go to the dermatologist, think of your acne issues over the course of the last few months or longer and think of any questions you might have that will help you to better understand your acne issues to possible research yourself later. Some good questions to ask might be – What type of acne do I have? How long will it take to see results? Are there any at-home tips that can help me to improve my skin? Its important to bring the list of questions with you, as it may be difficult to remember them during your appointment, especially on the spot.

· Make a Lost of Any Products You Have or Are Currently Using

One of the most important things Manhattan dermatologist Ritu Saini wants to know about her patients is the type of acne products they are using. This is vital information for any dermatologist to know, as some products are less helpful than others, and may actually be hurting your skin. In addition, some of these products may cause you to have adverse reactions to products they might recommend or want to recommend.

· List Any Medications You Might Be Taking or Have Taken Recently

This is another important thing that your dermatologist needs to know, as without knowing what medications you are currently on, it may cause an adverse drug reaction with something that your dermatologist wants to prescribe you.

· Take a Picture of Day in Which Your Acne Was at Its Worst

This is an all too common scenario for many acne patients, you are suffering from terrible acne, and make an appointment for a week from now. And on the day of your appointment, your face just so happens to clear up a bit. While it might be a good thing, in many circumstances it may just be cleared up for that day or the time being, and your acne may return. Taking a set of up-close facial pictures, and keeping them on your phone or printed out to bring to your appointment can help your dermatologist diagnose your acne at its absolute worst, even if it is just through a picture.

Acne can be debilitating no matter what your age is, and its important to seek out treatment, not just for your appearance but for the health and wellness of your skin as well. For more information about acne treatment, contact Manhattan dermatologist Dr. Ritu Saini and the team at NY Medical Skin Solutions today.

All Co-pay and deductibles are to be collected at the time of service.

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