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Chemical Peel
Chemical peeling is used to improve the skin’s appearance by applying a chemical solution to the skin, causing the top layers of skin to separate and peel off. The new skin is smoother; less wrinkled, and may be more even in color.

Chemical peels can reduce fine lines, especially under the eyes and around the mouth, treat mild scarring and certain types of acne, diminish skin discoloration, such as sun spots, age spots, liver spots, freckles, or blotchiness, and refresh skin texture and color.

Glycolic Peels
Chemical peels are exfoliation treatments which smooth out upper layers of the skin with the use of a chemical or acid. Chemical peels have been performed in the U.S. for many years and are very common amongst those who have skin concerns.

NY Medical Skin Solutions
offers a variety of specialty compounded chemical peel procedures for the treatment of various skin concerns.

Glycolic acid encourages new cell regeneration and help to improve skin tone. They can aid in reducing mild acne scars and fine lines and can help unclog pores. Glycolic acid peels are considered a light grade peel and can help relieve chronic dry skin and uneven pigmentation.

Dermaceutic Peels
Dermaceutic treatments visibly reduce unwanted pigmentation, fine lines, wrinkles, and help improve skin tone and texture through a combination of in-office treatments and homecare products. Dermaceutic has been used in Europe for over 10 years and is the #1 peel system in France! Dermaceutic comes in 3 different configurations and strengths based on skin condition and patient needs. They are combined with a one-month homecare kit designed to maximize results.

Salicylic Acne Peels
Salicylic Acid: It’s an effective but gentle chemical peel designed to help you achieve dramatic improvement in texture and tone with minimal downtime. This renewal process has been clinically proven to help conditions including fine lines, photo damage, pigment irregularities and acne. It is gentle enough to use every two to three weeks for maximum benefits.

We can also enhance the results of a chemical peel with laser/light-based rejuvenation techniques, or combine with another procedure, such as dermal fillers or botulinum rejuvenation. A thorough evaluation by Dr. Saini will help determine what best meets your needs.Do you think Chemical Peels sounds right for you? CONTACT US today for more information or you can MAKE AN APPOINTMENT online for a consultation.



All Co-pay and deductibles are to be collected at the time of service.