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3 Common Misconceptions About the Dermatology Treatment

In our society, dermatology has slowly become one of the most important fields of medicine. With our skin being the largest organ in the body, it acts as a protective barrier between our vital inner organs and harmful elements of the outside world – such as airborne bacteria, dirt, and debris. And despite how important of a job our skin has, the field of dermatology is still often ignored by patients and grossly underrated by others in the medical profession. One of the main reasons why dermatology is so vital a field is that it not only has real-world, physical health complications but it can also impose an undue physiological burden on patients, causing them immense confidence and self-esteem issues. Recent studies show that one in every four Americans will seek treatment for at least one skin ailment throughout the year, with the average person being treated for over 1.5 skin disorders per year – those figured increase drastically when looking at Americans over the age of 65. Nearly half of all older Americans will suffer from at least one skin disorder each and every year, with the average being approximately 2.3 skin conditions per year. In the borough of Manhattan dermatology has become a hot button issue, it seems with each passing month that there is a new Manhattan dermatologist practicing in the borough.

Many in the medical field will often downplay the seriousness of skin issues and disorders as being nothing more than just a cosmetic issue – and yes, while cosmetic skincare issues are definitely a large portion of the problem, many skin diseases are often serious and can be fatal in certain circumstances as well. As one of the foremost experts in the field, Manhattan dermatologist Dr. Ritu Saini specializes in the treatment of conditions like skin cancer – by far one of the worst issues affecting the skin. Malignant melanoma is a well-known skin cancer threat for most, but non-melanoma skin cancer is a heavy contributor to the mortality. In addition to just skin cancer an even larger percentage of Manhattan dermatology patients suffer from common skin diseases like psoriasis and despite being common, the disorder is often linked to serious conditions like heart disease and diabetes. Despite how serious the nature of this link is, many Manhattan dermatology patients are simply unaware of it – here are a few common myths and misconceptions surrounding the field of dermatology.

· More Than Just Your Appearance

One of the biggest misconceptions shared amongst both patient and those physicians in other fields of medicine, is that most dermatologists are focused exclusively on aesthetic medicine and cosmetic issues. This is very false. While it is true, that there has been a tremendous rise in the number of dermatologists offering cosmetic enhancement procedures like Botox, facials, laser care and more – individuals like Manhattan dermatologist Dr. Ritu Saini, spend much of their time treating patients with far more skin disorders. As previously stated, she is an expert in the field of skin cancer treatment and Moh micrographic surgery. And most dermatologists are focused on the treatment of more serious skin disorders such as eczems, psoriasis, lupus and assorted hair & nail disorders.

· The Skin Reveals a Lot More Than You’d Think

One of the most important aspects of skincare treatment is that the skin can give doctors a look into a patient’s inner health and a number of different infections diseases and internal conditions. Often times, a patient suffering from a serious disease or disorder will exhibit signs and symptoms like skin and fingernail hyperpigmentation, dry, scaly skin, yellowing of the skin (for something like liver failure), and rashes or bumps can often be the sign of conditions like lupus or hypothyroidism.

· Sexually Transmitted Diseases

As the world becomes a ‘smaller and smaller’ place, sexually transmitted disease figures constantly seem to fluctuate. And as these diseases and infections evolve and begin to change, patients will exhibit fewer and fewer initial symptoms pointing to infection. However, dermatologists have recently become integral in the diagnosis and treatment of these sexually transmitted diseases as nearly all of these issues have skin manifestations before any other symptoms have even been noticed. And these early signs can help doctors to identify and treat these issues before they advance and worsen.

As the field of dermatology continues to grow and expand, its importance to our overall health and wellness becomes more and more integral. While it may have been ignored and underrated in years past, the need for better and more frequent dermatological care has never been greater. For more information or to schedule a dermatology consultation, contact Manhattan dermatologist Dr. Ritu Saini, and her team at NY Medical Skin Solutions today.

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