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5 All-Natural Products for Healthier, More Hydrated Lips

With winter finally having come to a close, many of us are happy to finally be free of those chilly snow-filled mornings, and those blistering windy, winter nights. Besides just the simply discomfort that comes along with being freezing cold, one of the biggest issues associated with winter in New York City, and much of the world for that matter, is the impact the cold dryness of winter has on our skin. Often times, the dryness of an NYC winter, can have terrible effects on our skin – leaving us with dry, flaky skin that lacks proper hydration, and appears dry, dull and dead overall. According to Dr. Ritu Saini of NY Medical Skincare Solutions, considered to be the top dermatologist Midtown Manhattan has to offer, while the winter effects the skin overall, the area we should be most concerned with is our lips! The gateway our mouths, the lips are an essential part of our appearance and smile – often the first thing people notice about us, and a big part of physical attraction amongst humans. Aside from just the obvious discomfort of having dry, chapped lips, they can really dampen your appearance, keeping women from wearing lipstick properly, and leave men spitting up flakes of skin during each conversation – not the most appealing trait to have. While regular chap sticks and lip balms can definitely help, for the moment, according to the top dermatologist Midtown Manhattan has in practice, Dr. Saini, they don’t offer any long-term benefit, nor do they really treat the issue, rather than just putting a small bandage on the issue. Dr. Saini and her team will often recommend patients use high-quality, all-natural moisturizers for their lips – not only are these products all-natural, and have fewer side effects, but they are effective for long-term lip hydration. With winter finally over, and spring upon us, learn more about how these amazing all-natural lip moisturizers can help you to leave those chapped lips back in the winter.

The Best Hydration is from Nature

The fact is that as the top dermatologist Midtown Manhattan has to offer, Dr. Saini will often recommend patients try certain prescription, medical-grade lotions, creams, and moisturizers – and while these products are definitely effective for certain types of issues, when it comes to the lips, the best hydration is 100% all-natural! The skin on and along our lips is very thin and sensitive, making it highly prone to damage and relatively quickly, in comparison to the rest of the skin. Because of this, when seeking a proper hydrating agent for the lips, we must not only pay attention to the effectiveness of the product, but also be aware of any possible side effects of ways it can cause damage to sensitive skin. Another major reason why all-natural products work best. Here is a list of the 5 best all-natural ingredients or products to look for when looking for the best, and safest all-natural lip moisturizers.

· Shea Butter

A common moisturizer, shea butter is used in a variety of different products for all types of skin. Shea butter is comprised of a variety of vitamins and fatty acids, cinnamic acid helps to ease irritations and acts as an anti-inflammatory agent.

· Hyaluronic Acid

A powerhouse skincare ingredient, hyaluronic acid is present in the popular dermal filler or lip filler, Juvéderm. This natural compound is actually created by the body as well and helps to suck up moisture from surrounding areas – while being able to hydrate and plump up the skin and lips.

· Grapeseed Oil

Used for everything from cooking to skincare, this amazing oil is loaded with fatty acids and a number of vitamins and moisturizing minerals, that detoxify the skin and alleviate the presence of toxins and free radicals as well.

· Aloe Vera

A common issue with winter winds is known as winter-burn – leaving the lips burning from dryness and severely chapped. The cooling power of aloe vera can help soothe the roughest of sunburns, and works very similar in the treatment of dry, chapped lips. Also helps to repair damaged skin associated with the chapped lips.

· Jojoba Oil

A powerful skin conditioner, jojoba oil helps create a protective barrier around the lips, both sealing in moisture and protecting the lips from the frigid cold and harsh winds of winter.

The lips are extremely important, and considering how sensitive they are, it is vital to introduce some of these products into your skincare routine. As the top dermatologist Midtown Manhattan has in practice, Dr. Saini recommends patients not only use these methods to treat their dry, chapped lips, but as a means of prevention as well. For more information on skincare treatment, contact NY Medical Skincare Solutions today.

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