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Fight the Signs of Aging with Specialized Eye Creams

Whether you’re a man or woman, no one likes to get older. Sure, maturing, and becoming more comfortable in your own skin as the years go by is one thing that’s great about aging – but the physically getting older part? The human body is an amazing machine, and while it can combat infections or regenerate tissue, completely on its own, it doesn’t really hold up too great over time. Some tissue is better than others, but for the most part, the human body is really difficult to preserve and keep from breaking down. According to Dr. Ritu Saini, considered the top dermatologist Midtown Manhattan has to offer, the most sensitive of such tissue is the skin. As we age, our skin becomes depleted of certain vital skincare proteins, namely collagen, responsible for giving our skin its plumpness, structure, and providing the overall soft, smooth, supple feel with the glowing appearance. Without the benefits of constant collagen production, the skin grows increasingly thinner and therefore becomes more susceptible to wrinkles, fine lines, blemishes and other damages. This is especially the case for certain areas of the face like beneath the eyes. According to Dr. Saini, the top dermatologist Midtown Manhattan has in practice, this area is already thin and sensitive, and without the addition and constantly replenishment of collagen, it becomes susceptible to a number of signs of aging – must faster than the other areas of the face. Some of these signs of aging include wrinkles, dark circles, discolorations, loose hanging skin, bags, and even some minor blemishes or abrasions.

The fact is that the skin and other tissue beneath our eyes is exponentially more sensitive than that of the skin on other areas of the face. According to the top dermatologist Midtown Manhattan patients trust for skincare, Dr. Saini, this is evident far before we even begin to see premature signs of aging. For instance, even during our teenage years, pulling an all-nighter to study for that big final exam, can leave you exhausted the next day. And while you might be able to freshen your mind up with a big cup of coffee, that lack of sleep will still be written all over your face, in the form of dark circles, and heavy bags beneath the eyes. And this can occur after only ONE night without proper sleep! This is why rest is a vital part of any cosmetic enhancement routine – think about how a few hours here and there, can compound over the course of many years. Leaving you with heavy bags and much wore issues. Again, because of the prevalence of these types of issues, under-eye treatment has become extremely popular using a variety of new and unique methods. Learn more about how eye creams work, andhelp to improve your symptoms today.

Depending on your specific concerns, and any major issues you might be suffering from beneath the eyes, different eye creams may work better for you than others. Their unique application methods, and unique ingredients allow them to combat specific issues. According to the top dermatologist Midtown Manhattan has to offer, Dr. Saini, some eye creams work best to reduce puffiness of inflammation, while others work best on crow’s feet or dark circles, and the overall tired face. In fact, while some formulations are specific to certain symptoms, others are able to combat the entire array and often work by completely resurfacing the skin and starting over – again, depending on the ingredients used. Here are some of the more popular eye cream ingredients to look out for.

· Vitamin C & Other Antioxidants – Very important in terms of an eye cream, as these antioxidants help remove free radicals from the sensitive area of the skin. they reduce the damage caused by sun damage, pollution, wind or rain, stress and even a lack of sleep.

· Peptides – Peptides are protein building blocks that help to increase the production of elastin and collagen beneath the skin’s surface.

· Retinoids – These are able to resurface the skin and stimulate cellular turnover – removing the outer layers of dull, dead skin and replacing it with new, fresh skin cells.

· Hyaluronic Acid – A naturally-occurring skin plumping and fortifying agent. Helps to hold in moisture in and around the under-eye area – reduces a number of different symptoms.

· Arnica & Vitamin K – Help to increase blood circulation – reduces swelling and stimulates healing of tissue faster and more improved.

Of course, there are other ingredients that can help, and in some concentrations in conjunction these ingredients can have an amazing effect on the under-eye area. For more information on eye creams and skincare treatment, be sure to contact NY MEDICAL SKINCARE SOLUTIONS today.

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