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Cosmetic Dermatology focuses on procedures and services that help patients soften signs of aging and maintain a youthful, natural appearance. Whether you wish to remove brown spots, smooth lines, fill hollows or tighten skin, we often multiple treatment options to meet your goals.

Cosmetic Dermatology

NY Medical Skin Solutions is led by double board-certified cosmetic dermatologist Dr. Ritu Saini. Dr. Saini and the entire team at NY Medical Skin Solutions are focused on providing the highest quality of cosmetic dermatology care available. We accomplish this in part by combining our experience with the latest treatment options, all in a state-of-the-art office setting. From botox and dermal fillers to laser skin resurfacing, we can help. If you’re concerned about signs of aging, schedule a consultation at one of our office locations in Manhattan, Rockaway Park, Fresh Meadows, or Whitestone. During the consultation Dr. Saini will discuss treatment options, and their effectiveness.

Belotero Balance

What is Belotero Balance?

Belotero Balance is a hyaluronic acid dermal filler that is designed to temporarily smooth and fill mild, moderate and severely etched lines, wrinkles and folds.

What is a hyaluronic acid filler?

Hyaluronic acid (HA) is a natural substance and a component of skin that binds with water to correct wrinkles and grooves. HA blends into the skin for a natural look and feel. They are safe and are formulated to restore and maintain natural facial expression. HA fillers have become the most popular option to restore a youthful appearance.

What are the applications for Belotero Balance?

This filler improves the appearance of moderate to severe etched lines and wrinkles including nasolabial folds that run from the corners of the nose to the corners of the mouth, and vertical lip lines.

Other applications include: frown lines, crow’s feet, bunny lines on the bridge of the nose, cheekbone depressions, smile lines, vertical lip lines, lip augmentation, smoothing and filling back of the hands, correcting décolletage lines on the neck and chest, acne scars, and forehead lines

Does it hurt?

Injection is associated with temporary discomfort. Dr. Ritu may use a topical cream to reduce discomfort. As with any injectable, you may experience mild irritation, swelling, itching, redness and tenderness at the site of injection which should resolve quickly.

How long does it take to work and how long does it last?

Results are immediate and last for six to eighteen months depending on the type used and areas to be treated. When used to treat subtle, moderate lip lines and for lip enhancement Belotero balance typically lasts six months.

During your consultation with Dr. Ritu Saini she will listen to your concerns and goals and discuss all your options to enhance and restore a youthful appearance. Dr. Ritu Saini is a board-certified, fellowship-trained dermatologist in New York who specializes in Mohs micrographic surgery, cosmetic dermatology, and laser surgery. Contact her today to discover the beauty refreshing and enhancing effects of Belotero Balance.


What is Bellafill?

Bellafill is the only dermal filler that is FDA approved safe and effective for up to five years. Bellafill instantly smooths nasolabial folds or smile lines, and fills moderate to severe depressed acne scars, for beautiful, natural- looking results that last.

Bellafill is the only dermal filler that stimulates collagen growth long-term to help maintain your youthful appearance. Now, you can look your best without wasting time and money on frequent filler injections.

How is Bellafill used?

Nasolabial folds are dynamic wrinkles caused by repeated facial movements. Eventually dynamic wrinkles become permanent, coupled with aging and sun exposure which degrade the skin’s collagen and elastin. The combination contributes to the loss of the skin’s structural components which leads to sagging skin and jowls.

Pitted acne scars are a disfiguring condition. Bellafill is the first and only product approved for the correction of pitted acne scars. Acne affects millions of people and 95% of them go on to develop acne scars that are difficult to conceal. This can have a profoundly negative affect on your self-image and self-confidence. Bellafill reduces the appearance of acne scars to restore your appearance and enhance your life.

Bellafill injection can contour chin and cheeks and replace much needed volume in areas where there is perpetual loss, like the temples.

How does Bellafill work?

Bellafill contains a collagen gel filled with tiny microspheres of PMMA, a biocompatible substance. When injected Bellafill starts working immediately to smooth deep facial grooves and lines. Bellafill adds volume to lift the wrinkles to skin level. Secondly, over time biocompatible microspheres in Bellafill stimulate the generation of new collagen restoring lost collagen, a key structural component of the skin, to recreate the firm structure of youthful skin, and beautiful natural looking results. If you desire refined smile lines, facial contouring, or want to get rid of acne scars, Bellafill is a good choice.

It does require a skin test for allergies, prior to treatment. Additionally, it can be used safely in African Americans, Asians and Hispanics. It is the longest lasting filler available. Patient satisfaction is high.

How long does it last?

Studies show that patients injected with Bellafill see lasting results for up to 5 years. The microspheres do not resorb like other fillers. Instead, they form a matrix that promotes collagen production in your facial tissues.

When you are seeking a safe and effective option to rejuvenate your appearance, call Dr. Ritu Saini at New York Medical Skin Solutions. Dr. Saini is a board-certified dermatologist with the skills and experience to address all your dermatological needs.


What is Restylane?

Restylane is a hyaluronic acid (HA) dermal filler that comes in various formulations for specific treatments. Thinner formulations are used to treat fine lines and wrinkles, and to plump the lips.


Thicker formulations are designed to restore volume lost due to age and to fill moderate to severe lines and wrinkles for a more youthful appearance. The Restylane family of fillers contains lidocaine to reduce injection discomfort.

Why hyaluronic acid fillers?

HA fillers are the most popular fillers because they are safe and versatile. They are used to temporarily volumize and contour soft tissues. HA fillers are ideal to rejuvenate the aging face. HA is a naturally occurring sugar compound that is essential to youthful skin. HA attracts and binds to water to restore volume and provide a natural look and feel.

The Restylane family

  • Restylane corrects nasolabial folds, marionette lines, undereye hollows and frown lines. Adds natural volume as it integrates into the tissues and attracts water to volumize.
  • Restylane Lyft is suitable to correct moderate to severe lines and wrinkles and for cheek augmentation. Effects last 6-12 months.
  • Restylane Silk is valuable to correct lip lines and for lip augmentation
  • Restylane Refyne
  • Restylane Defyne

Who is a good candidate?

Any person who is dissatisfied with their appearance due to aging changes. HA fillers are safe and effective for all skin types and colors. Women who are pregnant or breastfeeding are not good candidates. If you have a history of bleeding, are allergic to lidocaine or use blood thinners should discuss whether fillers are a good option for you.

The Procedure

Your skin will be cleaned and mapped to focus on your areas of concern. Dr. Saini will inject the filler and massage the area to distribute the product, smooth any lumps and bumps and recontour the area. Side effects from injection may include temporary tenderness, swelling, bruising, and redness that will resolve quickly. 

Why you want an expert injector

Part of the beauty of fillers is that they can be molded to create symmetry and sculpted to restore contours. While complications from HA fillers are very rare, your results are technique dependent. An experienced and skilled injector has an artistic eye and can sculpt and recontour the treated areas based on appreciation of facial harmony and bone structure. Dr. Ritu Saini is a board-certified dermatologist with the skills and expertise to create beautiful results for you.

Contact Dr. Saini to schedule a consultation where she will listen to your concerns and goals and examine your skin to determine the best options to rejuvenate your appearance.


What is facial aging?

A youthful appearance depends upon facial fat pads in the cheeks, temples, forehead, under eyes and brows. These fat pads provide volume and fullness. The result is soft rounded contours and a well-defined jawline. Collagen gives structure to the skin and supports the function of elastin and hyaluronic acid to restore skin thickness. Elastin gives the skin shape and elasticity. Hyaluronic acid keeps the skin hydrated.

In our twenties, facial aging begins. In fact, we lose about 1% of collagen per year after age 18! By age 50, studies show that we lose up to 30% of collagen. Our skin loses its firmness and due to genetics and time, sun, smoking and stress, we lose the volume and fullness of youth. Aging hands are the result of the same forces at work in facial aging.

The fat pads atrophy and descend in response to gravity, collagen and elastin degrade, and the collagen production slows yielding wrinkles and lines. The result is a slow hollowing out of the temples, cheeks, under eye area, brows and forehead, which makes us look old and tired; and deep facial tissues fold creating deep grooves and fall to the jawline creating jowls.

What is Sculptra?

Sculptra is an FDA-approved dermal filler that offers a solution to lost facial fat and degraded collagen and elastin. It simulates the body to produce new collagen to restore the support for facial structure. It is made of poly-L lactic acid, a biocompatible and biodegradable substance.
Scar revision therapy is designed to improve or minimize the appearance of scars, refining their texture to make them less obvious so they blend in with surrounding tissues. Treatment options depend upon the type and degree of scarring, the location of the scars, their thickness, age of the scars and the patient’s skin type.

How does Sculptra work?

Many fillers temporarily reduce the appearance of wrinkles by filling the space below the wrinkles to smooth them out, but do not rebuild the underlying structure. Initially these fillers smooth out wrinkles and grooves. However, as the filler deteriorates the wrinkles return.

Sculptra works in two ways: First, it temorarily adds back lost volume softening grooves and folds and improving appearance; and secondly it stimulates collagen production to restore lost volume and inner structure. This creates a lift and provides subtle, natural results over time. By restoring volume, Sculptra offers the fullness and youthfulness not obtainable by a face lift or dermal fillers alone. Sculptra treatments can also restore lost volume and skin thickness to rejuvenate hands too.

However, the production of new collagen takes time. A complete treatment is typically three injections spread over the course of several months to correct shallow to deep wrinkles and folds for more than two years. Touch up treatments are important to maintain the benefits.

Sculptra applications

Smile lines also called nasolabial folds (lines from the nose to the outside corners of the mouth)
Marionette lines (lines from the corners of the mouth to the chin), Chin wrinkles, Undereye hollows, Temple hollows, Back of the hands, Pan-facial volumizing- Sculptra is great for adding overall volume that is lost from the aging process throughout the face, and Cellulite. Sculptra can be used on the back of the legs and the thighs to help stimulate new collagen reducing the appearance of cellulite.

Sculptra is more difficult to inject than other fillers, so it is vital to have a skilled and experienced dermatologist like Dr. Ritu Saini who has an artistic eye because Sculptra is sculpted by hand to create natural contours and a natural, youthful appearance.

The Procedure

Your skin will be cleaned and mapped to focus on your areas of concern. Dr. Saini will inject the filler and massage the area to distribute the product, smooth any lumps and bumps and recontour the area. Side effects from injection may include temporary tenderness, swelling, bruising, and redness that will resolve quickly.

When you desire to restore the three-dimensional fullness of youth, contact Dr. Saini to schedule a consultation.


What is Botox Cosmetic?

Botox (botulinum toxin type A) is the first and only FDA approved treatment to temporarily improve the appearance of moderate to severe frown lines, crow’s feet and forehead lines. The toxin is used in tiny doses for cosmetic purposes, using very fine needles.  Botox has been in use for dynamic wrinkles since 2002. It is safe and effective to treat dynamic wrinkles.  Results are excellent. There is minimal downtime and when used correctly, side effects are virtually nonexistent.

How does Botox work?

Botox is a temporary nerve blocker that relaxes and weakens muscle contractions that occur with facial movements, especially frowning and squinting that create dynamic wrinkles. It is one of the most popular and effective anti-aging treatments available. When administered in the last twenties and early thirties, it can ease dynamic wrinkles and lines and prevent or reduce wrinkle formation. For mature adults, Botox treatments provide anti-aging benefits improving dynamic wrinkles and reducing the severity of formation.

What does Botox treat?

  • Frown lines
  • Vertical furrows between the eyes called the “elevens”
  • Wrinkles on the bridge of the nose called bunny lines
  • Horizontal forehead lines
  • Crow’s feet around the eyes- crow’s feet from on the cheeks near the outer corners of the eyes
  • Vertical lip lines
  • Neck bands
  • Excessive sweating in the underarms and palms

In the experienced hands of Dr. Saini additional applications include:

  • Brow lifting
  • Raising the corners of the mouth to improve your smile
  • Jawline contouring by treating the masseter muscle

What are dynamic wrinkles?

Dynamic wrinkles are lines and grooves that result from repeated facial expressions such as frowning, smiling, and squinting, and are visible when you face is at rest, as well as with movement.

How long does it last?

The onset takes 24-48 hours. Noticeable results will appear within several days and lasts for up to four months for moderate to severe lines and grooves. Repeat injections will help to train treated muscles to relax thereby reducing the severity of the wrinkles. And over time, with repeated injections, the amount of Botox needed may decrease. Older patients with deep grooves may benefit from the use of fillers to plump the wrinkles.

Why is it important to have my Botox from a board-certified dermatologist?

The safety and results of Botox injections are conditioned on the expertise and skill on the injector. In the wrong hands, Botox injections can cause side effects including drooping eyelids, uneven eyebrows, asymmetry and dry eye. When used around the mouth, poor injection technique can cause drooling and a crooked smile.  Dr. Saini is one of a select group of dermatologists selected to serve as a national trainer for Botox Cosmetic. She will inject the amount needed to relax facial expressions but not to eliminate them.

Who is a good candidate?

Generally anyone with dynamic wrinkles is a good candidate. During your consultation, it is important to tell Dr. Saini about your medical history and all medications you take. If you take blood thinners including fish oil supplements, discuss with Dr. Saini at your consultation. Blood thinners increase the risk of bruising. People with muscle and nerve conditions should discuss your concerns with Dr. Saini before receiving injections.

During your consultation, Dr. Saini will carefully evaluate your natural facial movements to assure application addresses your specific needs and concerns. During the procedure, she will typically inject four or five areas in between the eyebrows, and two to three areas around the eye. You will receive complete instructions about actions to take after injections.


Dr. Ritu Saini is a board-certified, and fellowship trained dermatologist in New York who strives to provide her patients with the latest advancements in cosmetic dermatology in safe and compassionate manner.


The face is the primary source of information about us. It is also the structural ground for nonverbal messages that reveal a person’s emotional state as well as their age. Botox and now Jeuveau are a few of the tools to help you achieve smooth unwrinkled skin available from Dr. Ritu Saini.

What is Jeuveau?

Jeuveau was FDA approved in 2019 injectable Botulism Toxin type A treatment for frown lines. It is the newest alternative to Botoxâ called Newtox. Jeuveau is designed for younger patients to treat the early signs of aging. It is made of the same toxin as contained in Botox and is used to temporarily improve dynamic wrinkles – the frown lines between the eyebrows, called the “elevens”. Off label it is used to relax crow’s feet and smile lines.

What is the difference between Jeuveau and Botox?

  • It is made of the same neurotoxin as Botox and injected the same.
  • The risk and potential side effects are the same.
  • Jeuveau is purified by a new process and is only approved for aesthetic treatments.
  • Studies are reporting that Jeuveau may last longer than Botox in some patients.
  • It temporarily blocks nerve signals to reduce the action of the muscles involves in creating dynamic wrinkles.
  • It may be less expensive than Botox.
  • Time of onset is 24 hours after injection.
  • Results are visible within 7 days and last up to four months.
  • It slows down the process that creates dynamic wrinkles
  • Prevents new lines and smooths out old lines preventing deepening

What are dynamic wrinkles?

Dynamic wrinkles are lines and grooves that result from repeated facial expressions such as frowning, smiling and squinting. Dynamic wrinkles are visible when your face is at rest, as well as with movement.

What is Jeuveau applications?

In addition to the traditional applications for Botox and now Jeuveau – crow’s feet, horizontal forehead lines (frown lines), and vertical lines between the eyes- a skilled and talented dermatologist like Dr. Saini can improve chin contours, create a brow lift, smooth upper lip lines, treat a gummy smile, and raise the corners of the mouth for an enhanced smile.  For young and old patients Jeuveau injections can slow the process of creating dynamic wrinkles, prevent the formation of new lines and grooves, stop existing dynamic wrinkles from deepening.

Who is a good candidate?

Any person who is desires to enhance their appearance and stave off the signs of aging.  Women who are pregnant or breastfeeding are not good candidates. Patients should discuss their medical history with Dr. Saini during their consultation.


During your consultation Dr. Saini will complete an examination of your skin, its tone and texture, and carefully listen to your concerns and goals.  She will recommend the appropriate applications to enhance, retain and rejuvenate your youthful appearance. Contact Dr. Saini at New York Medical Skin Solutions today to discover the benefits of Jeuveau.

Micro-Needling with PRP

What is Microneedling?

Microneedling is a new innovation in aesthetic medicine for the treatment of the appearance of fine lines, acne scars and the improvement of the skin’s texture, tone and color. During this procedure, the Eclipse MicroPen® is used to create controlled micro-Injuries to the skin in order to aid in the production of collagen and elastin. The skin’s repair process results in a thicker epidermis with a softer appearance of wrinkles. Eclipse MicroPen® Elite also creates micro-channels which allow topical gels, creams and serums to be absorbed more effectively, enhancing the effects in deeper layers of the skin.

What areas of the body can I treat?

Eclipse MicroPen Elite can be used on all parts of the body; face, neck, decollete, arms, hands, legs, abdomen and back.

What does it feel like?

The feeling associated with the Eclipse MicroPen® Elite is similar to sandpaper being moved across the skin. While some areas are more sensitive than others, the speed of the reciprocating tip makes the treatment more comfortable.

What are additional benefits?

  • Affordable
  • Effective
  • Minimal Downtime
  • Minimal Discomfort
  • Safe for Most Skin Types
  • Natural Results

When will I see the results?

Patients notice an immediate “glow” to their skin. Visible changes to the skin develop over the course of several weeks. Results can continue to improve up to 6 months after the treatment.

What are the benefits?

Reduction in the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, improved skin tone and texture and softer, younger looking skin with fewer signs of aging. Eclipse MicroPen® Elite can improve the appearance of uneven skin tone, acne scars, traumatic scars and stretch marks.

How Is the procedure done?

A sterile cartridge containing 12 tiny micro-points is attached to the Eclipse MicroPen® Elite. Your skin-care professional will apply sterile saline to your skin and select the appropriate pen position based on your unique needs. Next, in a single motion, the pen will be gently pressed against the skin while simultaneously gliding in one direction until the entire treatment area has been covered.

What Is the downtime?

Immediately after the treatment, you will notice a bright redness to the skin. The total healing time depends on the pen position used and the number of overlapping passes your skin-care professional performs. On average, patients experience redness for 2-4 days. Some patients heal completely in 24 hours.

How long does the procedure take?

The procedure takes 15-90 minutes depending on the size of the area being treated and with which substance.

How many treatments will I need?

Some patients only require a single treatment once a year to achieve optimal results. However, It is recommended for most patients to receive a series of 2-3 treatments spaced about 6-8 weeks apart. For patients with more significant skin-care concerns, such as acne scars, it is recommended to receive 6-8 sessions at 6-week intervals.

What is Microneedling with growth factors?

One of the safest and least invasive methods for skin rejuvenation, microneedling involves moving a pen-like device with tiny needles over treated areas. The needles penetrate to a specific depth below the skin, stimulating a process known as Collagen Induction Therapy that restructures existing collagen and increases collagen production in the skin for continued improvement over time.


Microneedling is the use of growth factors to aid in the regeneration of fresh new cells and tissues to improve the skin at a cellular level beneath the surface. These factors can be found in the patient’s own blood and formulated into PRP using a sterile centrifuge process, but for patients who are interested in utilizing growth factors in their treatment but who do not wish to have their blood drawn can benefit from microneedling with MicroGlide GF™ with stem cell growth factors.

How do growth factors work?

During the microneedling process, the skin is opened up, allowing it to better absorb beneficial products and serums.


Benefits to patients:

  • Providing lubrication to the skin throughout treatment
  • A unique formulation that is easily absorbed into the skin after micro-needling
  • Helps the skin heal itself by increasing collagen production, improving circulation underneath the skin and helping to restore structure to the face
  • Providing subtle enhancement over time for results that last

Microneedling RF

What is RF microneedling?

Microneedling is a form of collagen induction therapy shown to be a safe and effective treatment for multiple cosmetic and dermatologic conditions. The synergistic combination of microneedling, which stimulates the skin’s natural repair mechanisms, and radiofrequency energy enhances the production of collagen and elastin. The result is firmer, smoother, more uniform skin strength, texture and tone.

What can be treated with RF microneedling?

  • sagging skin on the face, neck and chest
  • wrinkles caused by sun damage and aging
  • sun damage and hyperpigmentation
  • rough skin, textural changes and enlarged pores
  • aging skin
  • acne scaring, especially atrophic (depressed) scars caused by inadequate collagen restoration during healing
  • burn scars and surgical scars
  • Stretch marks on the chest, stretch marks are due to disruption in collagen production
  • uneven skin tone
  • melasma (combined with skin lightening agents)
  • recalcitrant papular rosacea
  • Alopecia (often combined with minoxidil)

How does microneedling work?

Microneedling uses fine, extra sharp sterile needles rolled across the skin to create microscopic puncture wounds in the top layers of the skin. It harnesses the skin’s natural wound healing properties. Growth factors and stem cells are released to the site stimulating cell turnover to correct skin damage, and induces the production of new collagen and elastin, the skin’s structural support. The result is smoother, firmer and tighter skin.

What are collagen and elastin?

Collagen is the protein responsible for the skin’s strength. It provides skin firmness, shape and contour. Elastin is the protein that allows the skin to stretch and contract. As we age and with sun damage both collagen and elastin breakdown which results in sagging skin, wrinkles, lines and grooves. Replenishing lost collagen and elastin rebuilds the skin’s structural integrity, removes sun damage, lines and wrinkles, and improves the appearance of acne scars, stretch marks and enlarged pores.

What are the advantages of RF microneedling?

  • RF microneedling is safe and highly effective minimally invasive office procedure for acne scars, skin texture and tone improvements and pore size reductions with only a short downtime.
  • It is safe for all skin types.
  • Treatment of isolated skin defects can be treated without lines or demarcations
  • It can be used in hard to reach areas or on skin that is thin and sensitive around the eyes and lips that cannot be treated with laser skin resurfacing
  • There is almost no risk of post-treatment pigmentation issues
  • There is no risk of photosensitivity
  • There is no risk of infection as the microscopic puncture wounds close immediately after the procedure
  • Frequently microneedling can be combined with topical anti-aging products and platelet rich plasma for enhanced transdermal drug absorption.

During your consultation with Dr. Ritu Saini in New York City, she will examine your skin and listen to your aesthetic concerns and goals. She will formulate a plan that will rejuvenate your skin and restore that youthful glow. Contact her to schedule a consultation today.

Vivace Microneedle RF

At NY Medical Skin Solutions we use the latest devices to ensure our patients receive the highest quality of care. For Microneedling RF that device is Vivace Fractional Microneedle RF. The Vivace Microneedle RF device is the newest generation of radiofrequency microneedling and is FDA-cleared for your safety. This best in class device combines microneedling with radiofrequency energy and a specialized treatment serum and a cooling peptide mask to provide patients with superior, natural-looking results. We take great effort to select and purchase the best quality dermatology devices. With the latest technology and the deft touch of our fellowship-trained and board-certfied dermatologist you can expect great results. Clearly, individual results may vary.

Fractionated Laser Resurfacing

The MiXto SX® is the latest technology in micro fractional CO2 laser skin resurfacing which can be used on all skin types for laser skin treatments. The MiXto technology allows for a variety of uses and allows maximal benefits consistent with minimal discomfort, minimal anesthesia and minimal recovery. It treats many disorders associated with skin aging stimulating the formation of new skin collagen, tightening of the skin and removal of the signs of aging.

The future is here with new technology in skin resurfacing with the MiXto SX®. Combining the effectiveness of Carbon Dioxide lasers long known to be the GOLD STANDARD in wrinkle removal with an innovative “quadrant” fractional technology and a more tightly focused beam, the MiXto SX® laser delivers uniform tissue ablation to the dermis causing immediate contraction and tissue tightening. A secondary effect is the production of new collagen over the next 6-12 weeks. This advanced technology delivers powerful results without the harsh side effects and downtime of traditional CO2 resurfacing.

The benefits to the Patient are:

» Immediate shrinkage of damaged skin
» Minimal discomfort with topical anesthetic
» Minimal downtime (5 days)
» Softening of fine lines and wrinkles
» Removal of age and sun spots
» New collagen production for up to one year following treatment.

How does it work?

The MiXto SX® gives the Physician more control to regulate the depth of penetration and the amount of heat delivered by the beam. The high speed scanner, driven by a patent-pending algorithm divides the treatment area into four quadrants, or “fractions”, and skips the beam from quadrant to quadrant so that each strike is separated by the longest possible interval. This process is repeated until the entire area is treated. Dividing energy this way allows maximum time for thermal cooling of the tissue, less pain for the patient and faster recovery! Compared to traditional resurfacing of the past this is a big step in technology for both the patient and the physician!

Does it hurt?

For most patients we apply topical anesthetic and oral tylenol so they are able to drive themselves home. The discomfort is similar to bad sunburn.

How long is recovery?

Typical downtime is 4-5 days, but can be longer (7-10 days) depending on how aggressive the treatment is.

How many treatments are needed?

In most cases only one, but for deeper wrinkles and acne scars two or more treatments.

When do you see the results?

Right away! When we are doing the procedure you can immediately see the skin contract and shrink. The patient will really see the benefits by the time the skin is completely peeled and will continue to see results for up to six months with new collagen regeneration that “plumps” up the skin.

What is MiXto SX® Micro Fractional CO2?

CO2 is a Carbon Dioxide laser that has been used for more than 25 years in the aesthetic industry for treatment of conditions such as fine and deep wrinkles, scars of various origin, uneven pigmentation and dilated pores. When the CO2 beam of light comes in contact with the epidermis it heats and vaporizes the skin tissue, instantly removing the superficial layers of the skin, scars and wrinkles while smoothing out the surface of the skin. The skin remodeling occurs with new skin and collagen growth. MiXto stands for the mixture between CO2 energy and fractional resurfacing, and the SX stands for surgical, because the laser can also be used to make a very clean incision without bleeding.

How is this different than other laser treatments?

The MiXto SX® delivers more results in a 45-60 minute treatment than competitors can accomplish in 3 treatments with less discomfort, downtime and cost.

Is it just for the face or can it be used on other areas of the body?

It is most commonly used on the face but can be used on neck, chest, arms and hands.

What is the recovery like?

The patient is red and can be swollen the next day. On the second, third and fourth day the patient is peeling and can experience a little itchiness typical to a sunburn.

What are the risks?

Erythema (redness of skin): the laser-treated areas have a distinctive redness representing increased blood flow due to the growth of the superficial tissue and collagen. It will gradually fade during the first few days. Inflammation (swelling): Treatment with the MiXto SX® System presents a minimal amount of swelling that can last up to 24 hours. Hyperpigmentation (tanning): This is presented after the third day of the procedure but then begins to shed and reveal younger healthy looking skin. A personal interview and clinical examination will be conducted to obtain relevant facts about your medical and dermatologic history, and any medications you are currently taking or have taken in the past. If you are prone to cold sores, you need to ask your doctor for an antiviral prescription before the treatment. Fractional Treatment with the MiXto SX® has been proven safe for the face, neck, chest and hands.

Who is the best candidate for this procedure?

There are three separate groups the MiXto SX® applies to; the younger patient with severe acne scars, the middle-aged patient with wrinkles and age spots and the older patient with wrinkles, age spots and pre-cancerous lesions.

Brown / Sun Damage Spots

What is melanin?

Melanin (pigment) is the substance that gives the skin color. It is made in special skin cells. The amount of melanin in your skin determines your skin tone. Melanin absorbs the harmful Ultraviolet rays from the sun to protect the skin and causes an overproduction of melanin. Pigmentation spots are caused by an overproduction of melanin. Most pigmentation disorders create patches or dark spots.

What is hyperpigmentation?

Hyperpigmentation is patchy discoloration or marks made by deposits of excess melanin, that results from sun damage, acne, a pimple, a rash, trauma, scrapes and some medications. When hyperpigmentation develops after a skin injury or inflammation like acne, trauma and pimples, it is called post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation. Extensive and uneven skin tone is often caused by medication. Sun exposure will worsen existing hyperpigmentation. Hyperpigmentation is typically harmless but can affect your appearance and confidence. Hypopigmentation is the formation of white spots on skin exposed to the sun, usually the back, arms and chest. They are caused by low levels of melanin.


  • Melasma is a skin disorder that creates irregular dark patches on the skin, usually on the face. It is triggered by hormonal changes from pregnancy, contraceptives and hormone replacement therapy; and darkens with sun exposure. Melasma may occur on the face called the “mask of pregnancy” and darkened skin on the abdomen and other areas.
  • Sunspots and age spots (also called lentiges or liver spots) are flat brown spots caused by exposure to the ultraviolet light from the sun. UV light causes the melanin producing cells to multiply. Sunspots are the result of a buildup of melanin. As we age, and repeatedly sun exposure sunspots appear, usually after age of 50. However, people who spend a lot of time in the sun and those with a history of sun burns and tanning beds increase the risk of developing sunspots.  Sunspots are harmless, but when sunspots get larger, or change color, it is time to see your dermatologist.
  • Seborrheic keratoses are round, raised and dark spots that look like they are stuck on the skin. They tend to run in families. They are not cancerous and commonly affect older people.

What are the treatments for hyperpigmentation?

  • Skin lightening creams contain Hydroquinone that bleach and fade dark spots. They work by reducing the production of melanin. There are over- the- counter skin bleaching agents, but prescription bleaches contain twice as much active ingredient.
  • Retinoids are a class of topical medications that come from Vitamin A and are prescribed to treat mild to moderate acne. They also work to unclog blocked pores and kill the bacteria that cause acne. Retinoids are also used to treat and prevent photo-aging, and pigmentation disorders including post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation, melasma, and age and sunspots. Low dose retinols can be found over- the- counter. Prescription doses available include retinol, tretinoin, adapalene, and tazarotene.
  • Chemical peels are used for skin resurfacing which removes the top layers of dead skin cells to reduce the appearance of dark spots. The skin grows back blemish free. They are used to treat hyperpigmentation, as well as scars and wrinkles. Light chemical peels treat superficial pigmentation problems to improve skin tone and texture. Medium chemical peels remove the top layer of skin and go into the dermis to treat uneven skin tone, scars and wrinkles. Because a chemical peel can burn the skin, it is important to seek professional treatment.
  • Laser skin resurfacing use laser light energy to diminish hyperpigmentation. The laser energy breaks up melanin deposits under the skin. Fractional laser resurfacing works by creating a controlled injury. As the injury heals, the hyperpigmentation is removed, and the new skin is blemish free. Newer lasers work faster to remove hyperpigmentation and can also remove scars and birthmarks.
  • Ruby laser uses laser energy to specifically target melanin and is an effective treatment for sun spots in certain skin types.
  • Microdermabrasion is exfoliation of hyperpigmented skin with the use of tiny sand particles. It is best for mild hyperpigmentation.
  • Microneedling is the use a medical grade dermal roller that creates tiny injuries to stimulate collagen production and is often combined with topical treatments that are infused into the skin to treat hyperpigmentation.


Depending on your particular concerns and goals, a course of treatment may be required to eliminate hyperpigmentation. Dr. Ritu Saini is a board-certified, fellowship-trained dermatologist in New York who specializes in Mohs micrographic surgery, cosmetic dermatology, and laser surgery. Contact Dr. Saini to schedule a consultation and learn about all your options to treat your pigmentation problems.


The MiXto SX® is the latest technology in micro fractional CO2 laser skin resurfacing which can be used on all skin types for laser skin treatments. The MiXto technology allows for a variety of uses and allows maximal benefits consistent with minimal discomfort, minimal anesthesia and minimal recovery. It treats many disorders associated with skin aging stimulating the formation of new skin collagen, tightening of the skin and removal of the signs of aging.

The future is here with new technology in skin resurfacing with the MiXto SX®. Combining the effectiveness of Carbon Dioxide lasers long known to be the GOLD STANDARD in wrinkle removal with an innovative “quadrant” fractional technology and a more tightly focused beam, the MiXto SX® laser delivers uniform tissue ablation to the dermis causing immediate contraction and tissue tightening. A secondary effect is the production of new collagen over the next 6-12 weeks. This advanced technology delivers powerful results without the harsh side effects and downtime of traditional CO2 resurfacing.

What is Ultherapy?

Ultherapy is the noninvasive, nonsurgical procedure that lifts and tightens the face, chin, neck, and eyebrows; and improves the appearance of wrinkles and lines on your décolletage. Ultherapy is the only FDA cleared procedure that uses ultrasound energy to lift and tighten skin with no downtime. Studies have proven that Ultherapy is safe and effective for the lifting and tightening of lax skin on the face and neck.

What are the applications for Ultherapy?

  • On the brow, Ultherapy can raise the eyebrows to open the eyes for a refreshed look.
  • On the chin, Ultherapy can reduce, lift and firm a double chin and create a more well-defined jawline.
  • On the neck, Ultherapy can lift and firm the sagging skin on the neck. A sagging neck is the age- revealing condition. Treating the neck reduces the effects of gravity!
  • On the chest, Ultherapy can smooth and firm the skin of the décolletage.
  • On the face, Ultherapy can improve the appearance of wrinkles and lines.

How does it work?

Ultherapy uses microfocused ultrasound imaging (MFU-V) which allows Dr. Saini to see beneath the skin and target the treatments exactly where they are needed. This ensures safety, precision and maximal impact. The treatment is customizable to address the needs of each patient.


The ultrasound energy is directed to the deep foundational layers of tissues, the same layers that are targeted in a surgical face lift. The MFU-V energy generates heat which causes collagen to contract and stimulates the development on new collagen; and significantly increases skin elasticity. Ultherapy firms and tightens lax skin without affecting the skin’s surface. Treatment also improves the appearance of lines and wrinkles on the face, neck, chin and chest.

How soon will results become visible and how long do they last?

It takes time for the results to become visible. Over the course of 2-3 months as your body creates new collagen and elastin, results will become visible.  The results last 1-1.5 years, as gravity and aging are continuous. Repeat procedures can provide longer lasting, enhanced results. Treatment for the neck and décolletage is important to consider because the objective is to achieve a balanced, rejuvenated appearance.


During your consultation, Dr. Saini will complete an examination of your skin, its tone and texture, and carefully listen to your concerns and goals.  She will recommend the appropriate applications to enhance, retain and rejuvenate your youthful appearance. Contact Dr. Saini at New York Medical Skin Solutions today to discover the benefits of Ultherapy.


Controlled Non-invasive Tissue Heating

Through the years, our face and body begin to reveal the signs of aging.  Although there is a wide spectrum of cosmetic solutions, patients are increasingly gravitating towards non-invasive options that offer natural looking results without surgery or downtime.


ThermiSmooth therapy is one of a revolutionary new class of technologies to revitalize and smooth sagging skin without surgery, without pain, and without a recovery period. If you want to ward off the effects of aging, ThermiSmooth treatments may be the answer. While there are various methods to achieve firmer facial skin, ThermiSmooth has the reputation for being among the safest, most comfortable, and least invasive treatments available. ThermiSmooth can be used for both the face and body.

ThermiSmooth Face

ThermiSmooth is a carefully controlled, non-invasive tissue heating procedure that uses a radiofrequency generation applicator “pen” to send energy into the dermis (the underlying structure of the skin, containing hair follicles, capillaries, nerve endings and other tissue). When your skin’s collagen reaches the proper temperature, the underlying collagen fibers tighten. The body’s natural inflammatory response to heat then works to trigger new collagen production. The treatment device is moved in a circular motion across the area being treated, with the energy entering the dermis without impacting the delicate skin surface. The procedure is non-invasive, virtually painless, and one of the most advanced methods by which the face’s natural collagen production is activated, restoring the elasticity and firm qualities that have been diminished due to aging.

ThermiSmooth Body

ThermiSmooth Body treatments involve a larger treatment device. Multiple body areas can be treated in one session, to smooth, firm, and restore elasticity and provide a fresher, more youthful appearance to the skin. The various areas that can be rejuvenated and restored with this advanced treatment include:


  • Chest, breasts, and arms
  • Abdomen, flanks, and back
  • Hips, buttocks, and thighs
  • Knees, calves, and ankles


The full body ThermiSmooth treatment is often remarked as being a relaxing experience, feeling similar to a massage.

Eurothread Lift

What is Ultherapy?

Ultherapy is the noninvasive, nonsurgical procedure that lifts and tightens the face, chin, neck, and eyebrows; and improves the appearance of wrinkles and lines on your décolletage. Ultherapy is the only FDA cleared procedure that uses ultrasound energy to lift and tighten skin with no downtime. Studies have proven that Ultherapy is safe and effective for the lifting and tightening of lax skin on the face and neck.

Side Effects & Downtime

Again, the beauty of this procedure is that there is little to no downtime, and patients can resume their daily activities almost immediately following the procedure. However, patients can expect to experience some minor swelling, soreness, and light bruising – these side effects should dissipate within the first day or so after the procedure.

How Does the EuroThread Lift Work?

This facelift procedure utilizes specially designed, dissolvable thread materials that are placed strategically beneath the skin to achieve results similar to its surgical counterpart, in much less time, and without the pain or long recovery period.


These threads, sometimes known as PDO threads, are composed of polydioxanone – a material that has been used in surgical procedures for years. Using an ultra-fine needle, the threads are placed beneath the skin, remaining there to provide a lift while stimulating the production of fresh, new collagen – a vital skincare protein, that makes up the majority of our body’s structural connective tissue.


As we age, our body becomes depleted of collagen, and this causes a loss in overall facial volume – leading to wrinkles, lines, and loose, sagging skin. The added collagen restores this lost volume and lifts the loose, sagging skin to help reduce the appearance of wrinkles & fine lines, while providing the skin with added elasticity, and improving the overall tone, texture, and quality over time. Within 6 months or so, the PDO threads will slowly dissolve having done their job.


The procedure itself only takes about 15 to 30 minutes to complete, possibly longer depending on the amount of correction needed and the location of the treatment area. Patients should expect almost immediate results that progressively improve until this point; the results typically last anywhere from 1 to 2 years – without re-administration.

What Does the EuroThread Lift Treat?

The EuroThread Lift can help provide an overall lift and a number of anti-aging benefits to most areas along the face and neck – proving most effective at reducing the signs of aging and creating smooth, tight contours along the cheeks, jowls, chin and neck areas.

The EuroThread Lift can help alleviate the following cosmetic issues:


  • Wrinkles, Fine Lines, and Facial Volume Loss
  • Loose, Sagging Skin Along the Face & Neck
  • Smiles Lines, Marionette Lines & Nasolabial Folds
  • Poorly Defined or Saggy Jawline
  • Neck Lines


For more information on the benefits of the EuroThread Lift or to schedule a consultation, please feel free to contact the office of Dr. Ritu Saini today.

Sculptra for Cellulite Reduction

Sculptra Aesthetic is an injectable dermal filler, that works alongside the body’s natural regenerative processes to stimulate the production of collagen – treating a variety of issues including, wrinkles, fine lines, and the presence of cellulite.

Sculptra for Wrinkles & Fine Lines

As we age, our skin is exposed to years of environmental elements such as the wind, rain, the sun’s UV rays, pollution and more. These elements are known to damage the skin, and as aging saps the body of much needed collagen – a vital skincare protein, making up the connective tissue in our skin, we are left without our valuable defense system. This causes our skin and tissue to lose its inner volume and produce wrinkles and other blemishes. Sculptra can help combat the appearance of these issues, including:


  • Smile lines: Wrinkles or lines that extend from the outside of the nose to the edge of the lips, similar to nasolabial folds.
  • Marionette lines: Wrinkles or lines surrounding the mouth’s edge, similar to the lines of a marionette doll.
  • Chin wrinkles: Wrinkles or lines that extend from the jawline to the chin, and sometimes extend up to the bottom of the lips.

What is Cellulite?

Cellulite dimples are lumpy fat deposits that often present themselves as dimpled, depressions on areas like the hips, thighs, buttocks, and even the belly. Despite being made up of fatty deposits, cellulite is often impervious to diet and exercise. While it can help, it is unlikely to remove or even provide a noticeable reduction in cellulite.

How Does it Work?

Collagen is a vital protein within our bodies, that makes up the majority of our structural & connective tissue(s). Considering that Sculptra’s PLLA particles are able to stimulate the production of fresh, new collagen, it provides a fullness to the depressed cellulite area and creates connective tissue to even out the area with the surrounding skin tissue.

Sculptra for Cellulite

While most in the aesthetic industry have known Sculptra to be a valuable treatment for wrinkles, fine lines, and facial folds, in recent years it has gained traction as a highly effective treatment for the presence of unwanted, unsightly cellulite.

How Does Sculptra Help with Cellulite Removal?

An injectable dermal filler, Sculptra contains a synthetic acid known as poly-L-lactic acid or PLLA. Despite being a synthetic compound, it is biocompatible with our body chemistry and biodegradable – meaning it can be naturally absorbed into the body, without any associated risks or complications.


When Sculptra is injected, it works by stimulating the production of fresh, new collagen to replenish lost volume (due to aging and other factors) beneath the skin. As it does in the treatment of wrinkles, Sculptra works the same for cellulite. The new collagen fills up the dimpled, depressions and smooths out the skin to achieve the similar volume of the surrounding skin tissue.

How Long Does the Process Take?

Generally, each Sculptra session is fairly quick and easy, with the injection only taking a matter of minutes, depending on the size and severity of the cellulite area. However, depending on the size of the cellulite dimples and the amount of correction needed, we might recommend patients undergo multiple sessions in order to achieve maximum results.


Once you have achieved your desired results however, Sculptra is one of the longest lasting dermal fillers available today, and results can last upwards of 2 years.


For more information on Sculptra for cellulite reduction, or to schedule a consultation, please free to contact the office of Dr. Ritu Saini today.

Hair Disorders

The causes for hair loss can be multifactorial; genetic, autoimmune, environmental, as well as emotional and physical stress. Treatment options can be just as complex involving topical and oral medications, as well as injections of cortisone into the affected areas.


Here at NY Medical Skin Solutions, we like to use both cutting edge technology along with tried and tested treatments that have lasted and worked forever. Used since the 1930’s, Sclerotherapy remains the treatment of choice for eliminating spider veins and varicose veins. The procedure involves injecting a specially formulated sclerosing solution directly into the vein causing it to collapse and fade from view. Our preferred method of sclerotherapy is through a product called Asclera.

Asclera® is used for the treatment of uncomplicated spider and uncomplicated reticular veins Asclera® (polidocanol) Injection is a prescription medicine that is used in a procedure called sclerotherapy and is administered by a healthcare provider to treat two types of veins: Uncomplicated spider veins (very small varicose veins less than or equal to 1mm in diameter)
and Uncomplicated small varicose veins (1 to 3mm in diameter) known as reticular veins.
The number of veins treated in a single session depends on the size and location of the veins. Studies show that as many as 50% to 80% of veins treated may be eliminated with each Sclerotherapy session.

Spider Veins

While it is not entirely clear what causes spider veins, heredity, pregnancy and hormones are likely major contributing factors. Up to 40% of women are plagued by varicose/spider veins. Sclerotherapy is the gold standard for treatment of spider veins. It is performed by injecting a safe sclerosing material directly into the blood vessels with the intent of collapsing them. We will decide which sclerosing material should be used and whether or not it should be foamed to increase effectiveness based on the size and nature of the vessels to be treated. Compression stockings must be worn for a period of time to improve results and help minimize transient side effects such as hyperpigmentation. Typically, an average of 3-4 treatments is required and some veins may not respond to treatment.

Using the 1064 Nd:YAG laser, you can have small dilated blood vessels around the face and legs as well as even deeper blue veins in the legs as well as other vascular conditions such as angiomas and port wine stains removed safely and effectively. Topical anesthesia is usually not used because it tends to constrict the blood vessels, making treatments less effective. Following the procedure, you may notice some redness and swelling that persists for a couple of days. In the case of leg vein treatments, compression stockings must be worn for a period of time immediately after the procedure. This laser treatment can be used in lieu of sclerotherapy in patients who prefer less invasive treatments as well as in conjunction with sclerotherapy to treat non-responsive veins.

Ear Lobe Repair

Pierced earlobes possess the risk of being torn from the weight of heavy earrings or even from the innocent tugging by a small child. Earlobes may be torn completely, splitting the bottom of the earlobe in two portions, or partially simply resulting in a stretched earlobe. The nature of the type of tear determines what type of surgical procedure is warranted to repair the earlobe. All repairs are performed under local anesthesia in the office setting. WE will determine the type of repair that should be performed and when the earlobes can be re-pierced.

Excessive Sweating (Hyperhidrosis)

Hyperhidrosis is known as excessive sweating beyond what is normal for cooling the body from heavy exertion or exercise. It most commonly occurs in the underarms, hands, and feet. It can cause great distress from a social and professional standpoint and interfere with normal daily life. Treatment typically consists of over the counter and prescription antiperspirants, as well as Botox injections. Botox for hyperhidrosis is safe and effective, lasting nearly 6 months in many cases.

Laser Hair Removal

Unwanted hair can be bothersome for both men and women. Many modalities used to treat unwanted hair are often temporary.

Laser hair removal is also a very cost-effective way to treat unwanted hair. A recent study found that women spend up to $23,000 and 58 days of their lives removing unwanted hair using methods such as shaving, waxing and depilatory creams. Studies show that on average, women can save $7,000 by receiving laser hair removal on the areas of the body they typically shave and $20,000 by receiving laser hair removal on the areas of the body they usually wax.

Laser hair removal works by targeting the melanin, or pigment in the hair follicle. Therefore, black and brown hairs respond far better than lighter colored hairs.

In order to superiorly treat patients of all skin types we have the 755 nm Alexandrite device GentleLaseTM laser. This allows us to treat finer hair on lighter skin patients more effectively. Most patients notice a reduction by around 80% after four treatments.

NYMSS has the first-ever approved laser to permanently reduce hair in patients of every skin type. Prior to the development of this laser, laser hair reduction was too risky for tanned or dark skinned patients. Using the Coolglide Vantage Nd:YAG 1064 nm, we can safely and effectively reduce hair on the face, underarms, arms, bikini area, legs, just about anywhere in ALL patients! After applying a topical anesthetic 15-30 minutes beforehand, treatments are performed at setting appropriate for your skin type and hair thickness and texture. Because hair growth is in cycles, three to six treatments are often required to see significant results. Finally be done with shaving, waxing, plucking, and bleaching!

  • Face (Cheeks)
  • Nostrils
  • Abdomen
  • Full Back
  • Underarms
  • Chin
  • Ears
  • Genitals (Pubic Area)
  • Lower Back
  • Arms/Hands
  • Lip
  • Beard (Throat)
  • Upper Back
  • Feet
  • Forehead
  • Chest
  • Full Legs w/Bikini Line
  • Neck
  • Buttocks
  • Hairline
  • Bikini Line/Brazilian Bikini
  • Shoulders
  • Breast (Areola)
  • Lower Leg/Upper Leg

Tattoo Removal

Dr. Saini participates in the American Society of Laser Medicine Surgery New Beginnings program – a national campaign to provide free laser treatments to remove radiation tattoos for cancer patients.

Using the Q-Switched Ruby laser, black, blue, brown and green tattoo pigment can be removed safely and effectively. Topical anesthetic is typically applied to take the edge off. After treatment the area will become crusted and scabbed and has healing takes place over the next week, the tattoo pigment will fade. Multiple treatments, typically 6 for amateur tattoos and over 10 for professional tattoos are generally needed to obtain optimal results. Some pigment in professional tattoos may not respond to treatment.

Chemical Peels

NY Medical Skin Solutions has a variety of peels to address a multitude of skin issues including uneven complexion, fine lines, large pores, oily skin, acne, and sun-damage.

Illumize Peel

This non-invasive very superficial chemical peel utilizes a novel approach to chemical peeling with a newer generation of alpha-hydroxy acids (mandelic acid and malic acid) in combination with phytic acid and commonly used peeling agents (salicylic acid and resorcinol) to maximize skin rejuvenating effects with low irritation.


  • Increase skin glow and radiance
  • Tightens the skin and restores a more youthful appearance
  • Improves clarity, color and skin texture
  • Patients achieve enhancement of skin appearance with minimal downtime and discomfort
  • Appropriate for first-time chemical peel patients or patients looking for a gentle, very superficial peel
  • May be performed on Skin types I- VI
  • Little or no visible peeling

Rejuvenize Peel

Rejuvenize Peel is an advanced formulation of peeling agents, with a built-in anti-irritant and penetration enhancer that provides controlled exfoliation of the uppermost damaged layers of the skin to reveal fresher and healthier skin. Provides predictable results with minimal downtime.


  • Effective for use o skin with sun damage, melasma, pigmentary changes and acne scarring
  • Noticeable improvement with just one peel
  • Recommended for Skin types I-VI
  • Can be used on skin types V-VI after the patient has established tolerability to Vitalize Peel, or with physician consent
  • Well tolerated with minimal “down time”
  • Easy to use (does not require timing or neutralization)
  • A novel synthetic surfactant, Isoceteth-20, creates more uniform peeling while controlling penetration of salicylic acid, and therefore reduces skin irritation associated with the h2er chemical peels without diminishing peeling effect

Jessner’s Peel From Mesoestetic

This peel contains 14% salicylic acid, 14% lactic acid, and 8% citric acid and is especially formulated to treat hyperpigmentation and sun damaged skin, reduce the appearances of pores, and stimulate collagen while addressing mild acne and excessive oil production.

Acne Peels

Miami S-30 is a peel containing salicylic acid, green tea extract and other antioxidants that is used to control acne breakouts, reduce oil and unclog pores. It can also improve the look of sun-damaged skin and reduce hyperpigmentation and is safe in all skin types. This is a great treatment on its own or in conjunction with a carefully customized acne regimen with topical and/or oral medication by Dr. Saini.


Jet Peel Supersonic Skin Rejuvenation system uses nature’s gases of air (oxygen) and water (saline) to gently exfoliate the skin in a relaxing, no downtime procedure that hydrates and provides deep facial cleansing. Ingredients such as nutrients, vitamins, and minerals (including hyaluronic acid which helps to diminish fine lines and wrinkles, and vitamin E) can be introduced deep into the skin with no needles, and no pain or discomfort. The resulting skin rejuvenation is nothing short of remarkable. This treatment also helps to enhance the results of chemical peels and laser treatments. This is a great adjunctive treatment for acne in that is cleans out pores and infuses oxygen which serves to reduce inflammation

Glycolid Acid Peels

A milder glycolic acid peel can be performed during the lunch hour to reduce blotchiness, sun spots and fine lines and wrinkling. Overall texture of the skin is improved thru exfoliation which stimulates the production of collagen and cell turnover.

Vitalize Peel

Vitalize Peel helps fight the effects of time, sun damage, and environmental assaults. This powerful yet non-damaging peel can take years off aging skin.


  • Addresses various skin conditions, such as pigmentation abnormalities, post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation, melasma, and photodamage
  • Effective (achieve visible improvement after one treatment, significant results after a series of treatments)
  • Can be customized for the treatment of each specific condition
  • May be performed on Skin types I- VI
  • Little or no or down time
  • Peeling solution combined with Retinoic acid creates more exfoliation than other chemical peels same depth
  • Well tolerated (minimum or no burning, peeling solution has pH 2-3, higher than most chemical peels)
  • Easy to use (does not require timing or neutralization)

Trichloracetic Acid Peels

TCA Peels dramatically improve the appearance of sun-damaged skin, giving a more rejuvenated look after just a few days of mild redness and peeling.

The Miami Peel®

A light to medium peel consisting of Alpha and Beta Hydroxy acids often referred to as “fruit acids”, such as Lactic Acid (from sour milk), Citric Acid (from citrus fruits) and Salicylic Acid (from willow bark and wintergreen leaves). Another natural ingredient, Kojic Acid (extracted from rice mold) is an important part of the Miami Peel because of its anti-microbial, anti-oxidant and especially for its proven skin lightening and brightening capabilities. The Miami Peel exfoliates by removing the top layer of skin and causing it to slough off within a few days. The Miami Peel will safely remove dead cells, stimulate collagen formation, smooth rough, dry skin, improve the texture of sun damaged skin and help even out skin tones. The Miami Peel is beneficial for improving the appearance of acne/blemished skin, melasma, hyperpigmentation or dark spots that arise following surgery or other trauma to the skin. It can be used in the darken skin types IV and V. A series of 6-8 treatments is recommended in order to obtain the best results and there is no downtime so you can return right back to work.

Beta-Lift Peel

We are now pleased to offer the Beta-Lift salicylic acid peels in 20 and 30%. These peels are great for acne, enlarged pores, pigmentation, rosacea, oily skin and helps give an overall fresh, renewed appearance by lifting dull cells from the skin’s surface.

Mandelic Acid peel

This is a great light, superficial peel that has little to no topical exfoliation for those with sensitive skin. It is useful for combination skin types and those with occasional acne breakouts who still want to combat signs of aging and light surface discolorations.

Eclipse Micropen Elite

The Eclipse MicroPen Elite is an advanced medical-grade automated micro-needling device (or micro pen) used to improve the appearance of facial blemishes, scars, and fine lines. With the MicroPen® Elite, Dr. Ritu Saini has a convenient, hand-held micro-needling device to safely treat several skin conditions. The MicroPen® Elite is the latest innovation in medical aesthetics.

Microneedling explained

Microneedling is a new innovation in aesthetic medicine for the treatment of the appearance of fine lines, acne scars and the improvement of the skin’s texture, tone and color. During this procedure, the Eclipse MicroPen® is used to create controlled micro-Injuries to the skin in order to aid in the production of collagen and elastin. The skin’s repair process results in a thicker epidermis with a softer appearance of wrinkles. Eclipse MicroPen® Elite also creates micro-channels which allow topical gels, creams and serums to be absorbed more effectively, enhancing the effects in deeper layers of the skin.

Unique features of the Eclipse MicroPen Elite

The Eclipse MicroPen Elite allows physicians to select the exact depth for each patient’s skin type and condition, using robotic precision to go as deep as 2.0 millimeters at 0.1-millimeter increments. The MicroPen Elite’s patented cartridge design prevents the entrance of fluids into the device which, along with the MicroSleeve and routine cleaning, help to reduce the risk of cross-contamination of the unit between uses. This translates to a safer and more personalized treatment.

Applications of the Eclipse MicroPen Elite

  • Cosmetic Topical Treatments
  • Skin Revitalization
  • Reduction in the Appearance of Acne Scars
  • Reduce Fine Lines and Wrinkles
  • Tighten Pores and Increase Elasticity

What is a JetPeel facial?

A JetPeel facial offers both cosmetic and medically practical solutions for individuals that prefer non-invasive treatments. The JetPeel system introduces customizable treatment serums or medications to the high-pressured aerosol stream of microdroplets to deliver the contents 4.5 mm deep into the skin at a speed of 600 ft/sec without causing any injury to the epidermis. There are a number of uses for JetPeel depending on the serums used including lymphatic drainage, exfoliation and deep cleaning, 3-D chemical peels, and infusion of medications such as anesthesia.

The skin will be cleansed with a combination of oxygen, hyaluronic acid, aloe, and salt water to get the skin prepped and cleansed before the customized solution is introduced to the treatment area. The jetstream can be adjusted in distance from the face in order to make the treatment more comfortable. Once the face has been thoroughly cleansed the JetPeel handpiece will deliver a customized solution to treat skin concerns such as blackheads and milias in a concentrated stream. JetPeel can also administer PRP and anesthetics into the dermis for a needle-free alternative to common treatments.

What this JetPeel review

Applications of the JetPeel facial

The goal of JetPeel is to offer patients a highly customizable and exfoliating facial as well as a needle-free, no-down time, alternative to treatments for:

  • Under eye circles
  • Hyperhidrosis
  • Blackheads
  • Milia
  • PRP

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