Hot is the new cool! Vanquish is a state-of-the-art body contouring device that permanently removes fat and tightens skin without surgery or downtime. Vanquish uses radiofrequency energy to target and kill fat cells without harming the overlying skin or deeper tissues. In a series of 4-6 treatments, most patients lose 2-4 inches of stubborn fat. Vanquish targets the tummy, love handles, lower back, bra bulge and thighs, giving you newly defined contour and body confidence.

How does Vanquish work?

Vanquish uses radiofrequency energy to specifically heat a targeted fat zone. After absorbing heat, the treated fat cells undergo a process of self-death called apoptosis. They are then absorbed by your lymphatic system, processed in the liver, and excreted in urine. Because the fat cells are eliminated, fat removal is permanent.

What do treatments feel like?

Most patients feel like they are wearing a large heating pad over the treatment area during their procedure. Although your skin may become warm and pink, pain is unusual. If a hot spot forms, the device can be easily adjusted to decrease any discomfort. Each treatment lasts approximately 45 minutes, and we will do everything possible to optimize your comfort during this time.

What are the benefits of Vanquish?

Because Vanquish is a noninvasive procedure, no surgery, stitches, or scars result after your treatments. You may immediately return to normal activities following each session, and there is no need to wear post-procedure compression garments. In addition, because Vanquish uses heat energy, it also helps tighten the skin. Treated areas are affectively “shrink-wrapped,” which improves both body contour and skin firmness.

When are results visible?

Most often, our patients see a 2-4 inch reduction in fat after having 4-6 treatments performed once per week. You will likely notice improvement during this treatment interval, but as fat cells continue to be eliminated from your body, final results are typically seen 1-2 months after your last treatment. With a stable diet and exercise, most patients don’t notice significant weight change, but clothes tend to fit better and body confidence soars!

How can I get the best results?

Being well hydrated prior to your procedure is critical for achieving best results. We recommend that you drink at least 8-10 glasses of water before and after the procedure. Hydration is important because it helps optimize the radiofrequency energy’s ability to target maximum fat. We will measure your hydration level prior to your procedure to make certain that you’re optimized for treatment.

Can everyone use Vanquish?

Vanquish is safe on all skin types. Before the procedure, we ask patients to remove all jewelry and garments/accessories with metal as these can interfere with the radiofrequency being delivered. We do not recommend the use of Vanquish on children, pregnant or nursing mothers. Patients with implanted metal devices (such as pacemakers) in the abdomen or in other treatment areas are NOT candidates for Vanquish.

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